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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Los Angeles District - Lafayette Park

3:00pm DCSA vs Infamous (Amateur)

4:00pm Tropics vs Purpose (Amateur)

5:00pm Punets vs Skunky Moves (Amateur)

6:00pm Purpose vs Deadstock (Amateur)

Southbay District - Carson Park

5:00pm Living Bread vs Airshow (Copper)

6:00pm Villains vs OG Trophy (Bronze)

7:00pm Dolla' vs Carson Basketball (Bronze)

8:00pm Spartans vs Adoboys (Copper)

9:00pm Team 310 vs StashFam (Copper)

Southbay District - Scott Park

4:00pm Breakers vs Maniacs (Copper)

5:00pm Lechon LBC vs Maniacs (Copper)

6:00pm MWG vs Hoopsville (Copper)

7:00pm Akhro vs Palm Park (Copper)

8:00pm Born 2 Ball vs Lechonero Wesco (Copper)

9:00pm Dolphin YGvs Lechonero Weco (Copper)

Southbay District - Stevenson Park

5:00pm CFBL vs HoopsVille (Silver)

6:00pm Funny Hoops vs Boi Boi (Copper)

7:00pm Trifecta vs Boi Boi (Copper)

8:00pm Suicide Squad vs Tanayans (Bronze)

9:00pm 5 Aces vs 2Fast 2Ballers (Copper)

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