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Welcome to

FASA League!

Our Mission

To provide year-round basketball competition, and recreational opportunities for families, and friends; while encouraging all to continue to share the competitiveness, and the passion in every day life.

What we're all about

We love the game of basketball. We would have pick up games every Thursday, and Saturday on a weekly basis. Our games were intense, exciting, and fun! With the trust, and brotherhood we gained through these pick-up games, we wanted to be able to share that to as many people as we can. Therefore, we decided to take it to the next level by starting this league. Our first season started in March 2009 with 7 teams, and it lasted for three months. With a common goal with our supporters of excitement, sportsmanship, and comradery, we continued to multiply our teams with every season. With many supporters, we now have an average of 100 teams, within two districts of Los Angeles, and Southbay!

FASA is not all basketball. We are committed to our families, friends, and the community. We've engaged is fun-filled activities like paintball, camping, and other recreational activities. Annual family events, and gatherings have been a continued FASA tradition, and we continue to welcome all those who want to be a part of our it.  We are also proud to take part of events, and organizations that reaches out to those who are in need; due to natural calamities, and other circumstances.

Greatness is rarely seen to come naturally to a person. Most of the time, it is something that is earned. We, at FASA, believe that, too! We believe that through hard work, and dedication, champions are not born, they are made!

At FASA, we strive to


towards greatness!

Contact Us

Contact Us

Los Angeles District

Laurence (626) 365-7544

Pocholo (323) 334-5857

Southbay District

Laurence (626) 365-7544

Pocholo (323) 334-5857



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