*Teams need to complete League Fees*

**Indicates 2 Games



*** Attention SouthBay & Los Angeles District ***


Any Players & Coach throw a punch or initiate a fight from other players - Teams will be automatically Ejected and/or Banned from the league. We are all here to have fun, enjoying playing basketball, and gain friendships.  Please respect each other. 

We, FASA Organizers,  DO NOT Tolerate this kind of Behavior ! 

FASA promotes good sportmanship at all time, Let's all FLY HIGH!

A Team with “No Show” will be charged $80 for forfeit fees.

FYI - During Regular Season - If a player gets a technical that player must sit for (3) minutes . 2nd technical that player is out for that game.

Southbay District

September 18, 2021

Stevenson Park Gym

3:00pm Dolla Peso Mind vs Sad Boyz 

4:00pm Newbie vs Ak Boys 

5:00pm Funny Hoops vs COVID-19 

6:00pm **Ball is Life vs RVNGRS 

7:00pm **Ball is Life vs JDB

8:00pm DRose vs JamPack

Foisia Park Gym

6:00pm Crown Familia vs Living Bread 

7:00pm Skittles vs Up Foo 

8:00pm Pitmasterlive vs RVNGRS

Carson Park Gym

3:00pm TLC vs Team JG

4:00pm Dreamers vs 40 Roll

September 16, 2021

Carson Park Gym

40 & Over Division

7:00pm ZaHeart vs Team Igop

8:00pm Mekeni vs Team Dolphin

9:00pm Free Agents vs Noypitz

September 14, 2021

Scott Park Gym (Foisia Park)

35 & Over Division

7:00pm All In vs IMADRI

8:00pm Team Rewind vs Carson Boys

9:00pm Team Bisaya vs BrookOli